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Posted on October 15th, 2012 by Speare Memorial Hospital

Speare Needs Your Vote in Pink Glove Dance Competition

PLYMOUTH, N.H. —Speare Memorial Hospital is asking for your vote to help raise awareness of breast cancer—and hopefully raise money for the New Hampshire Breast & Cervical Cancer Program—by participating in Medline’s 2012 Pink Glove Dance Competition.

Cast your vote for Speare’s Pink Glove Dance
Speare’s video featuring employees dancing to Martina McBride’s This One’s for the Girls can be voted on by going to www.pinkglovedance.com. Once at the site, click start voting, find Speare’s video under Organization S, view and vote. Voting does require a Facebook account. Voting is open through October 26, after which Medline will make a donation to the designated charities of the top three videos.
“We are once again the only hospital in New Hampshire to enter the national Pink Glove Dance competition,” states Speare’s Director of Community Relations Michele Hutchins. “Participating is not only an opportunity to raise awareness about this important women’s health issue, but it really brings the community together, starting with song selection.”

Not just a video, but a journey
Hutchins continues, “Of the officially licensed songs available, the clear choice was This One’s for the Girls based on an online survey to our community and employees. From there, our vision was to share love and hope, and give strength to those diagnosed with breast cancer, from survivors who had taken the journey before them. Two women in our video are featured lip-syncing the lyrics. Both are survivors of breast cancer. They are strong women who exude confidence and are willing to share their story to provide hope to others. By featuring them, surrounded by fellow employees, Speare Memorial Hospital is not only embracing and supporting them, but our greater central New Hampshire community, as our patients are our family . . . our friends . . . our coworkers.”
Melissa Howard, Speare’s director of quality and safety, takes a starring role, and the lead, lip-syncing in the video. For her, participating in the Pink Glove Dance video was a chance to put closure on her own journey. She says, “At first I was simply going to help with production of the video, but when I had the opportunity to do more, I realized it was a way for me to share hope with other women at various stages of their own breast cancer journey. That you are not alone. There are many people surrounding you with love and support.”

Why a Pink Glove Video Contest?
Medline filmed the original Pink Glove Dance video at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Ore., featuring workers wearing pink gloves and dancing in support of breast cancer awareness and prevention. It quickly generated thousands of responses, letters and e-mails from survivors, family and friends. It has entertained and inspired laughter and, for many, it has evoked memories of their own battle with breast cancer or experiences faced by loved ones.
Today the video has more than 13 million views on YouTube®. A sequel was produced in October 2010 featuring 4,000 healthcare workers and breast cancer survivors throughout North America. As a result of the original Pink Glove Dance video and the sequel videos, Medline received hundreds of calls from healthcare facilities, breast cancer survivor groups, schools and other organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada inquiring about participating in another video. As a result, the idea for a national competition was born last year, with 139 organizations answering the call. This year’s competition has over 260 entries.

Awareness and Detection Keys to Prevention
Early detection of breast cancer is the key to survival and the use of mammography has dramatically helped to increase survival rates. Speare Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Imaging Center features full-field direct digital mammography. It is considered the gold standard in the detection of breast cancer.

The American Cancer Society recommends women age 40 and over have an annual mammogram: sooner for women who are high risk due to a family history. Talk to your provider about having a mammogram, or call Speare Memorial Hospital’s Radiology Services for more information at (603) 238-2232.

Speare Memorial Hospital is a 24-hour, acute care, non-profit community hospital and health care provider serving the greater Plymouth area in central New Hampshire, and nationally ranked as a HealthStrongTM: Top 100 Critical Access Hospital. Visit online at www.spearehospital.com and join us on Facebook.

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