May 2018 rehab fit members of the month
Posted on June 5th, 2018 by Speare Memorial Hospital

RehabFit Members of the Month for May: Doris & Dean Roth

May 2018Doris and Dean joined RehabFit in November! They wanted to stay moving during the winter and prepare for outdoor work during the warm months. Doris holds herself and Dean accountable to maintain consistency at RehabFit. Dean just turned 92 and is always ready for new exercises and challenges! 

Why did you decide to join RehabFit?

We began coming to RehabFit in November 2017. Winter is long in NH and we don’t get much exercise, so we thought it would be a good place to keep ourselves in shape for summer when we have a lot of work to do outdoors. It is also good for us to stay fit with cardio, strength and balance. 

What changes have you made in your exercise or health routine since joining RehabFit?

We come to RehabFit three times a week, so that is a more consistent pattern than in the past. It is easier for us to be committed to doing this than it is to exercise at home on our own. Maybe because we know Becky is counting on us to come in! 

What motivates you to keep exercising and coming to RehabFit?

We like RehabFit because of the clean and bright atmosphere. The staff is always ready to help and make sure we are using equipment and doing exercises correctly. We have made progress in our fitness and that is motivating. Sometimes we even add more weight or reps then what we are asked to do! The exercise program and smart key keep pushing us and help us work harder. Our programs also change about every 6 weeks so that we don’t get bored doing the same exercises for months. 

What changes have you seen in your body, health or general well being since starting at RehabFit?

It seems like we must be getting stronger because we can lift heavier weights and do harder exercises compared to when we started. The proof will be in our stamina this spring and summer when we are pruning trees, hoeing corn, mowing lawns and raking leaves. 

What kind of advice would you give to other RehabFit members?

Be consistent and show up! It is so easy to find excuses, but they will never help you. Look to the future and remember that a little effort now will help you live a long and much easier life down the road. Dean just had is 92nd birthday, so he would tell you it is never too late to get moving and come to RehabFit.     

RehabFIT is a state-of-the-art facility featuring Technogym equipment and the Technogym SmartKey wellness system software to track, monitor and analyze performance.

The goal of our Medical Fitness Program is to encourage members to take responsibility for their physical well-being and to provide the knowledge, tools and supports necessary to reinforce healthy choices and behaviors. We offer a comprehensive array of exercise, fitness and wellness services to our members, provided by highly qualified, service-oriented staff.

For more information and/or schedule a tour call (603) 238-2225.

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