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First Vaccine Shipment Arrives at Speare Memorial Hospital in Rural New Hampshire

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COVID vaccinations come to Speare
The first two in line for the new COVID-19 vaccine at Speare were Dr. Thomas Scott, medical director of MedCheck Urgent Care and Andrew Seefeld, medical director of Speare’s emergency department. On the front lines during this pandemic, they are fully confident in the vaccine’s safety. They both received a lollipop in appreciation for all they do.

Speare Memorial Hospital received its first allotment of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and began inoculating frontline employees today.

The first two in line were Dr. Andrew Seefeld, medical director of Speare’s emergency department, and Dr. Thomas Scott, medical director of MedCheck Urgent Care.

“Today, I celebrate Science,” says Dr. Seefeld. “I am honored to be one of the first frontliners to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at Speare Memorial Hospital. Let today signify the beginning of the end of this pandemic!” 

The momentous, science-driven effort that went into developing this vaccine so quickly could not have come soon enough for hospital staff on the front line.

“There is excitement in the air,” says Susan Scheinman, RN. “It feels good to see hope on the horizon. This is a historic day for all of us.”

The 35 frontline staff getting the vaccine today must have the second dose administered in 21 days. The remaining 20 doses in the allotment will be administered to additional frontline employees tomorrow.

With recommendations from the FDA and CDC and a 95 percent effectiveness rate during initial trials, Speare’s frontline staff are confident in this vaccine’s safety and are lining up to register for when the next allotment arrives.

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