Your daily charge at Speare Memorial Hospital includes charges for goods and services rendered by the hospital and ordered by your physician. Included in your daily room rate are: nursing care, meals, housekeeping, linens, maintenance, administrative and clerical support, some medications and dressings, local telephone service, television, and social services.

It is important for you to know that the majority of health insurance policies do not pay 100 percent of hospital or physician charges. Any fees not covered by your particular insurance policy will, of course, be your responsibility. We suggest you contact your insurance company or agency to learn your benefits prior to treatment. This will enable you to determine the share of costs for which you will be responsible.

Click the button below to pay your bill online using our new secure interface:

pay your bill online at

If you have an outstanding balance with dates of service prior to 4/1/17, please contact the Business Office at 866-557-2555 to make payment arrangements.

If payment cannot be made within 30 days from the date of initial statement, we urge you to click here to visit our financial assistance page and/or contact our financial counselor at 603-238-6471.

If you have a billing-related question with service after 4/1/2017, please contact 1-800-269-5416 between the hours of 8:00 am-4:30 pm, Monday through Friday

(After 90 days with no contact made by you, we must consider other collection options. Please safeguard your good credit by making arrangements for payment immediately.)

    At the time of your admission, it is necessary to establish who is responsible for the payment of your account: you, a relative, an insurance carrier, or a private or government agency. A deposit is requested if you have no insurance. Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for all services rendered. To assist you, we will file a claim, but the hospital will look to you for payment regardless of the circumstances.

Under this plan, the hospital will file claims on your behalf, providing that you:

  • present proper insurance identification, insurance cards;
  • assign benefits to the hospital;
  • sign authorization for the release of information required for billing; and
  • agree to pay the entire bill if it is not paid by your insurance company.

Those persons with insurance covering only part of their bill will be required to pay an estimated amount on that part which is not covered. Overpayment will be refunded after insurance payment. However, if the balance of your bill is too large for you to pay at discharge, you may discuss alternative arrangements at 1-866-557-2555.

This plan is for all patients who have to pay part or all of their hospital bill. Under this plan, you may pay by cash, check, or VISA/Mastercard for the estimated hospital bill. If you are unable to pay the entire balance at that time, please consult our Financial Counselor within 30 days of your discharge. Extended payments will be accepted by the hospital upon approval by the Financial Counselor.

This is a voluntary effort by Speare Memorial Hospital and the other 25 community hospitals in New Hampshire to improve access to health care for low-income adults who do not have adequate health insurance or limited resources to pay for hospital care. Only permanent New Hampshire residents will be eligible to apply for this program and must meet the NHHAN guidelines.

To apply for the NH Health Access Network, you may call 1-866-557-2555. If you would like assistance in completing the NHHAN application, please call our Financial Counselors to schedule an appointment at 603-238-6471.

If you are covered by Medicare:

You must present your Medicare identification card when you are admitted. You must also sign the necessary billing forms. These will be filed on your behalf. Secondary insurance billing will be done by the hospital if you provide all the necessary information.

If you are covered by Medicaid:

You must present your Medicaid identification card at admission. If your card is not presented, you will be responsible for your entire bill until you provide us with current Medicaid coverage.

Speare Memorial Hospital bills all commercial insurance as a courtesy to our patients. Prompt payment is usually forthcoming, and the patient is contacted only if payment is refused for some reason. When payment is refused, the patient is responsible for the balance due. Patients who wish to have the hospital forward bills to other commercial insurance companies must supply the hospital with the necessary information at the time of their hospital service.

All bills will be sent to your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier. If we have not received payment or a reason for non-payment within 30 days, an inquiry will be addressed to the insurance carrier. Claims refused by the employer or insurance carrier may be addressed to the New Hampshire Department of Labor, 603-271-3175.

Regulations require physicians to bill you separately from Speare Memorial Hospital for services they perform while you are a hospital patient. This means that you, your health insurance carrier, or Medicare may receive as many as five or six bills from different providers for a single hospital stay. Many of these bills will come from physicians who worked behind the scenes to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of your illness. They might include radiologists, pathologists, and anesthesiologists, etc.

Although you will receive more than one bill, please remember that you will not be paying for the same service twice. Your bill from the hospital reflects charges for the use of the facility, equipment, personnel, and supplies. The physician’s bills reflect charges for their specialized services, which were ordered by your physician.

We realize that separate billing may be inconvenient, confusing, and frustrating to you. We are in total sympathy with your feelings. This billing system is imposed by regulations, which we are required to follow.


See Cost Estimates and Charges for more information and to access the Hospital Chargemaster

If you would like to receive a complete itemized bill of the services and charges that you received while you were a patient at Speare Memorial Hospital, you may contact the Business Office at 1-866-557-2555 between the hours of 8:00 am-4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, to request a copy of your bill.

As a courtesy to our patients, we will submit your bill directly to the insurance company that you have indicated as your current medical coverage. Any balance remaining after payment from insurance company will be the patient’s responsibility. In the event insurance does not remit payment within 30 days, the patient will be asked to take up the issue with their insurance company as the policy holder. Should the account remain unpaid after a period of 60 days, the patient/guarantor will be required to remit payment in full and/or pursue the matter on their own behalf for reimbursement.

If payment cannot be made within 30 days from date of initial statement, we urge you to contact our financial counselor at 603-238-6471. After 90 days with no contact made by you, we must consider other collection options. Please safeguard your good credit by making arrangements for payment immediately.

*Budget payments are in accordance with Speare Memorial Hospital Policy and Procedure.

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