Guest Services

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are 10am to 8pm every day.

Open daily from 6:30 am until 6 pm
Self-serve Breakfast:  6:30 am – 10:30 am, Daily
Lunch:  11:30 am-1:30 pm, Monday – Friday, Noon -1 pm, Saturday and Sunday
Dinner: 5pm- 6 pm, Daily

Wireless Internet Service is found in the Cafeteria and the Cafeteria Annex

Vending Machines are located on the first floor off the hallway between the main elevators and the Emergency Department.

Flowers and other gifts are delivered to patients as they are received. No flowers will be delivered to Intensive Care Units. They will be held at the nurse’s station and given to the patient’s family.

Speare Memorial does not allow latex balloons inside the hospital. The hospital has asked local florist and retailers to help educate their customers on our safety policy which is meant to reduce risks to people with latex allergies.

Lost and Found
All items found on hospital premises are held at the main desk in the lobby for 60 days. Items not claimed will be discarded.

The patients may use the patient lounge on the second floor of the hospital at any time and by visitors during visiting hours. Children should not be left unattended in this area.

Your mail will be delivered to your room Monday through Saturday. Letters that arrive after you leave the hospital will be forwarded to your home.

The services of a notary public are available while you are hospitalized, weekdays between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm for notarizing hospital-related documents.

The Union Leader is available from the volunteer staff.

Spiritual Care
Being in a hospital, dealing with illness and uncertainty can be challenging. Many people find that talking with a chaplain can be helpful during this time.  Volunteer chaplains from the larger community provide support to patients, family members, friends and staff members at Speare Memorial Hospital.

Our Chaplains are available every day (and on-call as needed) to be a caring presence, offer spiritual and emotional support, and listen with openness and understanding.  Patients and families are encouraged to call a chaplain when experiencing feelings of fear, anger, loneliness, helplessness, anxiety, grief or loss, or when they just need someone to talk to.  Chaplains also are available for times of celebration, prayer and rituals.

Chaplains are available to all our patients regardless of beliefs and religious affiliation.  Patients do not need to be affiliated with a congregation or faith community to call a chaplain. However, if you do belong to a community, we can notify the clergy person of your choice.  Your minister, rabbi or other spiritual advisor are welcome to visit you or your family member at any time.

To have a visit from a chaplain contact Social Services at ext. 216 or ask your nurse to notify the Chaplain on duty.

Volunteer Services
Volunteers work on the Medical-Surgical floor providing water and juices, transporting patients, helping with clerical work, and supplying much appreciated TLC to the patients.

All of our rooms are private rooms but billed as semi private to ensure insurance coverage.  Each room has an individual bathroom with a shower. Space is provided for your clothes and a cabinet for your personal belongings is next to your bed.  We encourage all patients to leave their valuables home.

Call Signals
A call signal near your bed can be used to summon a nurse. When you press the button, a light goes on at the nurses station and a bell rings. A nurse will come to your room or may contact you through an intercom system from the nurse’s station.

Your Bed
Your bed can be electronically raised and lowered for the most comfortable position for you.  Your nurse will show you how to operate the controls.  Please check with your nurse before getting out of bed.If you need assistance, please call for your nurse.

Your Meals
The Food and Nutrition Services Department takes pride in providing you with quality meals while adhering to any special dietary restrictions that your physician may have ordered.

A selective menu will be provided for you daily. Please take a few minutes
each morning to choose your meals for the day. A dietary staff member will pick it up shortly after breakfast or you may return it on your tray.

Your meals will be served at the following times:

Breakfast                8 am
Lunch                      Noon
Dinner                     5 pm

Beverages and snacks are available between meals. Patients’ guests are invited to visit our cafeteria (link to guest services) for snacks or meals.

A clinical dietician is available for consultation if you should have questions concerning your diet or have a special request concerning your meals. Let us know if we can make your stay more comfortable.

Each room is equipped with a television.  Cable television is available and all standard channels are available for viewing at no charge.

Telephones are available to all patients. Calls may be made to you from outside of the hospital by dialing 603-536-1120and asking for your room number or your direct line is posted in your room for your caller’s convenience.

To make a local call from your room, dial 9 and then the 7-digit number. All
out of area calls must be billed to a credit card, home phone or called collect. These calls can be make by dialing “0” only, then give the operator your billing preference.

Cellular or Wireless Phones
The use of cellular or wireless phones is restricted to non-clinical areas such as waiting areas, lobby, solarium or the first floor of the North Wing.

Speare Memorial Hospital is a non-smoking campus.  Talk with your doctor before you arrive or during your stay if you feel a nicotine patch or other prescription might be helpful in your efforts to refrain from smoking.

Patients and Visitors are responsible for all personal belongings and valuables.  Speare Memorial Hospital is not responsible for replacing lost, misplaced, stolen, or damaged belongings and valuables; therefore Speare Memorial Hospital recommends that patients and visitors bring only essential items to the hospital.

Valuables are defined as money, jewelry, medications, documents, items of monetary or sentimental value, clothing, dentures, hearing aids, eyeglasses or contacts, wheelchairs, walkers, canes or crutches, watches, credit cards, wallets or purses, cameras, cell phones, laptops or computers, home monitors, prosthetic devices, oxygen tanks or home respiratory machines.

The following tips are provided to assist you with securing your personal belongings and valuables if not sent home:

  • Clothing – There is limited storage space in each patient room. We suggest that clothing worn to the hospital be sent home with family/friends and the appropriate clothing be brought to the hospital shortly before patient discharge.  The hospital provides robes, gowns and slippers for all patients.
  • Denture Care – All patients must inform their nurses that they are wearing bridges or dentures. Staff members will provide a denture cup to store them in when not in use. The cup will be labeled with the patient’s name.  Please avoid placing dentures on a meal tray, under a pillow, in the pocket of a hospital robe or gown, in the bed sheets or in any concealed place where they may be lost or accidently thrown out.
  • Hearing Aids – Hearing aids should be kept in the original case provided upon purchase. If the original case is not available, nursing staff will provide a container labeled with the patients name to store the aids in when not in use. Do not leave hearing aids unprotected on the bedside table, on the bed, on the meal tray or in the pocket of a hospital gown or robe.
  • Eyeglasses and contacts – To prevent loss or damage to eye wear during hospitalization, patients are asked not to leave eyeglasses or contacts unprotected on the bedside table, bed or in the pocket of a hospital robe or gown. Eye wear is best secured in the case provided on purchase labeled with the patient’s name.
  • Wheelchairs, Walkers, Canes or Crutches, Home Monitors or Respiratory Machines – Please put your name and date of birth on all necessary items that are brought to the hospital. Your nurse can provide a sticker label for you to write this information on and affix to your belongings.
  • Medications – Always bring a list of all the medications that you are taking to the hospital. This list should also include herbals, over-the-counter medications and prescription medications.  If you bring in your own medications, your nurse will send your medications to pharmacy for review, verification and labeling.  Your medications will be stored at the nurse’s station medication room or area on the unit of your room, and the unused portions of the medications returned to the patient on discharge from the hospital.  Personal medications are not to be stored at the bedside and are not to be taken without physician and pharmacy approval.
  • Lost Items – While Speare Memorial Hospital is not responsible for the personal belongings and valuables of patients or visitors; we will make every reasonable attempt to return lost or misplaced items to their owners. In the event that belongings or valuables are lost or cannot be located please notify your nurse.   For lost patient belongings or valuables found after patient discharge, we will attempt to notify you via last know telephone/cell phone number.

Plymouth and the surrounding Central New Hampshire towns offer a host of eating establishments and lodging options to meet your needs, whether it be for one night or an extended stay. Please visit the Central New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce for more information.


Biederman’s Deli
(603) 536-3354
83 Main Street
Plymouth, NH

Description: Home of the Famous Balboa Sandwich
We serve: Lunch and Dinner
We have a Lounge

Common Man
(603) 968-9330
PO Box 581
Ashland, NH

Description: Corporate Headquarters for The Common Man family of restaurants and The Common Man Inn.
We serve: Lunch and Dinner

Georges Seafood & BBQ
(603) 536-6330
588 Tenney Mountain Highway
Plymouth, NH

Description: Great Seafood and BBQ. Fresh fish and Lobsters sold from our market. Visit us in Lincoln, too.
We serve: Lunch and Dinner

Lucky Dog Tavern & Grill
(603) 536-2260
53 South Main Street
Plymouth, NH

Description: Choose from our comfortable smoke-free dining room upstairs or enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere downstairs in our lounge, The Pound.
We serve: Lunch and Dinner
We have a Lounge
Specials: Daily Black-Board specials will keep you coming back.

Main Street Station
(603) 536-7577
105 Main Street
Plymouth, NH

Mandarin Taste
(603) 536-4840
51 South Main Street
Plymouth, NH

Description: Chinese cuisine
We serve: Brunch, Lunch and Dinner
We have a Lounge

Plain Jane’s Diner
(603) 786-2525
897 Rumney Route 25
Rumney, NH

Description: A classic 1954 O’Mahony’s Diner offering a variety of menu items and classic diner specials every day. Emily’s ice cream, named after the owner’s daughter, offers great flavors of ice cream and specialty items, such as and apple crisp flurries.
We serve: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
We serve: Ice Cream

Central NH Chamber of Commerce
Baker Valley Chamber of Commerce
Squam Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce
Waterville Valley Region Chamber of Commerce

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