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PFAC group l r Carol Mabin, Deb McQuillen, Katelyn Heath, Carolyn Piantedosi, Chris Fenn, Judy Gutry, Stephanie Bouchard, Sandra Lehner (not pictured Linda Campbell, Dee Hopper, and Dolly Riess)
(PFAC group l-r) Carol Mabin, Deb McQuillen, Katelyn Heath, Carolyn Piantedosi, Chris Fenn, Judy Gutry, Stephanie Bouchard, Sandra Lehner (not pictured Linda Campbell, Dee Hopper, and Dolly Riess)

At Speare Memorial Hospital we strive to integrate the patient, family and caregiver perspective into every aspect of our policies, services and initiatives.

In order to realize our mission statement, “To work together to service the needs of our patients and our community”, Speare has developed a partnership with members of our community to form a Patient Family Advisory Council. (PFAC)

PFAC members are an active group of patients and family members that provide direct input to the hospital team regarding the development and delivery of hospital services, policies, planning, and initiatives.  They share a unique perspective of our healthcare system through the eyes of the people who experience it.

Since 2010 the PFAC has been advancing the interests of patients and families in the organization, increasing understanding of our health care system among those who use it, and continually moving hospital culture toward more patient/family-centered care.

How does the PFAC benefit patients, families, and hospitals?

Everyone benefits from a Patient and Family Advisory Council in a variety of ways including:

  • Members gain an understanding of how our health care system works and become community advocates
  • Advocacy that advances the interests of patients, families and the organization
  • Supporting the hospital culture in focusing on patient/family-centered care in everything we do
  • Improved patient and family experience

The PFAC members fill in the gaps between the hospital’s conceptions of what the patient/family and community need and what patients and families think of as critical considerations for their care.

Patient Family Advisory Council Involvement

hands in

Members have been involved in specialized project including:

  • Bedside Shift Report
  • Wayfinding and hospital signage
  • Remodeling of the Palliative Care Room
  • Discharge Planning Project

Members are currently serving on the following Hospital Committees:

  • Hospital Quality Council
  • Patient Experience Committee
  • Policy Advisory Committee
  • Speare Primary Care Patient Experience Committee

New initiatives include:

  • Partnering PFAC members with specific departments to assist in all aspects of patient care process and policies
  • Observation of departments’ operations from a patient perspective to provide feedback on the patient experience

Meet the Team

group at table

Take a moment to get to know the members of your community: patients, families, caregivers, that are helping to shape our healthcare system. Click Here to view our team members bios.

Become a Member

join usOur goal is to have a PFAC membership that reflects the diversity of the patients and families that we serve with regard to age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, education level, health condition, disability, family structure, language, and other qualities.

We also look for individuals who are able to see beyond their own personal experience and have a passion for improving the health care experience for the community as a whole.  We need positive, candid people who can share their opinions in a group while respecting that each person’s experience and opinions are valid.

If you are interested in finding out more information about or becoming a member of, the Patient Family Advisory Council, please call Deborah McQuillen, RN, Case Management at 238-6488 or e-mail
your name and phone number to and we will get in touch with you.

If you would like to join the PFAC please fill out the application below.

Patient Family Advisory Committee Application



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