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Speare Memorial Hospital offers free healthcare services to patients at Plymouth OB/GYN

PLYMOUTH, NH – October 2022 – Plymouth OB/GYN, a department of Speare Memorial Hospital, offers its eligible patients ...
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Speare is the First & Only in NH to use AI-assisted Colonoscopy Technology

Lifesaving technology for those age 45 and older

AI Colonoscopy

Speare Memorial Hospital is committed to helping prevent colorectal cancer – the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the US – using the latest artificial intelligence-assisted technologies. The experts at Plymouth General Surgery are performing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted colorectal screenings using the GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module, the first and only AI system available in the nation to help in polyp detection during colonoscopy. No other hospital in New Hampshire is offering this technology.

Because a majority of colorectal cancer deaths are preventable with a colon screening, Speare is focused on meeting the community’s medical needs by providing its skillful team at Plymouth General Surgery with the latest technologies and procedures.

The GI Genius™ adds the power of artificial intelligence to routine colonoscopies. This “smart” technology analyzes what our doctors view in real-time and works together with them to keep an eye out for anything worth a closer look. By instantly flagging potential abnormalities for our physicians to assess, the GI Genius™ can help detect lesions, including precancerous polyps.

How does AI-assisted colonoscopy benefit you?

It is highly effective. In a study, it positively identified 99.7% of lesions.

“This is a powerful new ally in the fight against colorectal cancer,” says Dr. Joseph Casey of PGS. “Knowing my partners, Drs. Koren, Hannowell, and Chastanet, it is no surprise to me that our team is the first in the State of New Hampshire to add this system to our endoscopy unit. We are dedicated to bringing a truly new and innovative technology to our community and our patients. This is an opportunity to use artificial intelligence to improve the quality of the colonoscopies that we perform and further decrease the risk of colorectal cancer for our patients.”

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Press Release: Speare Memorial Hospital 1st & only in NH to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence System for Enhanced Colonoscopy Screenings


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