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Tony joined RehabFIT in August of 2019, and has been a regular ever since.  You can find Tony on the elliptical, playing backgammon, until Leah has to kick him off, 2 hours later!  Tony is extremely motivated with this health and fitness and puts in 100% effort for every workout.  Keep it up Tony!!!

Anthony Patti - Member of the Month

Why did you decide to join RehabFit?

After working out in three other area gyms, including the free gym that is maintained by my Home Owners Association, I tried RehabFit. RehabFit is immaculately maintained, has more work out equipment, and certainly has more competent support staff than any of the others.

What changes have you made in your exercise or health routine since joining RehabFit and what changes have you seen in your body, health or general well-being?

I went from a maximum of 15 minutes on the elliptical machine to over one hour (or until Leah asks me to leave and accommodate another member). The games provide a distraction from a self-inflicted grueling cardio workout and allow me to accomplish much, much more.

What motivates you to keep exercising and coming to RehabFit?

High cholesterol runs in my family. I respond well to satin drugs, though I have lowered my LDL. I could not increase my HDL. After I revitalized my cardio workout on the elliptical machine, my HDL went from 39 to 46. I’m looking forward to my next complete blood count.  I hope to increase my muscle mass, increase my HDL, and lower my body weight. Mark provided physical therapy for back pain. He supplemented my workout program with strength training for weak leg muscles. I’m now back pain-free and have strengthened my quads. Independent of RehabFit, I discovered a stretching program. After gaining competence with the stretch program, I would like to share my knowhow with fellow members and the staff.

Have you had any setbacks that affected your routine or progress at RehabFit?

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year Eve and Day, the high caloric holidays, are obligatory weight gain events. After feasting, I returned to RehabFit and immediately resumed my workout.

What kind of advice would you give to other RehabFit members?

Leah has a wealth of knowledgeable and willingly provides intelligent and competent guidance. Leah is always available to provide advice, always at-the-ready to help. She will help you vary your routine and avoid the tedium of machine workouts. Whether you need help to increase resistance, build cardio strength, or avoid weight gain speak to Leah. The training staff is eager to help you get the most out of RehabFit, don’t be shy; ask for help.

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