Steven V. Ball, MS, MBA, CRNA, Director of Anesthesiology, Rachael (Rae) Ritter, MSN, CRNA,Daniel E. Rice, Jr. DNP, CRNA
Posted on January 23rd, 2019 by Speare Memorial Hospital

CRNAs: The Future of Anesthesia Care Today

The first successful surgical procedure was performed with anesthesia in 1846. Since then, anesthesia has continued to evolve and become safer, playing an integral role in enabling doctors to perform necessary and life-saving operations.

Daniel E. Rice, Jr. DNP, CRNA, Steven V. Ball, MS, MBA, CRNA, Director of Anesthesiology, Rachael (Rae) Ritter, MSN, CRNA
(l-r) Daniel E. Rice, Jr. DNP, CRNA, Steven V. Ball, MS, MBA, CRNA, Director of Anesthesiology, Rachael (Rae) Ritter, MSN, CRNA

During the week of January 20-26, 2019, the certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) from Speare Memorial Hospital are joining thousands of their colleagues from across the country to celebrate the 20th annual National CRNA Week and educate the public about advancements in anesthesia patient safety and the role and value of CRNAs in delivering anesthesia care.

With a trusted history spanning more than 150 years, CRNAs are dedicated to knowing their patients and staying with them throughout their surgical procedure. CRNAs administer their patient’s anesthetics, monitor their vital signs, and address their physical responses. Each year CRNAs provide more than 45 million anesthetics to patients in the United States. They deliver the same safe, high-quality anesthesia care as other anesthesia professionals but at a lower cost, helping to control the nation’s rising healthcare costs.

“While 2019 marks the 20th year for National CRNA Week, the nurse anesthesia profession actually began more than 150 years ago during the American Civil War. Since then, we have taken great pride in administering safe, high-quality anesthesia with the level of care and compassion that is synonymous with being a nurse,” said Steven V. Ball, MS, MBA, CRNA, director of anesthesiology. “Through this campaign, we aim to highlight the valuable role that CRNAs play today and will continue to play tomorrow.”

The Department of Anesthesiology at Speare Memorial Hospital is staffed solely by nurse anesthetists who are frontrunners in cutting edge anesthesia care.  Through a new program that sharply decreases the use of opiates during surgery and utilizes advanced regional anesthesia, Speare is raising the bar when it comes to post-operative pain control. 

“We are providing our community members with the most superior care possible, and doing our part to prevent exposure to opiates when they are not needed,” says Ball.    

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