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Globetrotting since birth – from Plymouth to Pambula

Globe-trotters Micah and Rachael McLane could have been anywhere in the world when it came time to welcome their son, Mobius or “Mobi”.

He’s from Plymouth, she’s from Pambula, Australia.  They met surfing 12 years ago while students at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia. Since then, they have backpacked through southeast Asia; bicycled their way through New Zealand, Australia, southern India, and from Bangkok to Singapore through Malaysia; drove an old beater minivan from Plymouth to the end of the road in Panama and back again, surfing the entire west coast of Central America.

“We lived in Plymouth when I found out I was pregnant and had heard many wonderful things about Speare,” notes Rachael.  “After meeting all the staff and seeing the birthing suite, we felt confident having Moby here was the experience we wanted.”

They did consider going back to Australia as Rachael’s aunt is an OB/GYN and has delivered many of her cousin’s babies.  But having studied nursing and doing clinical rotations through larger facilities, Rachael says she really liked the intimate setting of the birthing suite here at Speare.  “And Dr. Ebner is one of neighbors,” adds Micah.

That personal touch is what really impressed them both, “Everyone made us feel very comfortable, and showed so much care and love,” recalls Rachael.  When they arrived in the Birthing Suite, all signs pointed to a quick delivery, but minutes turned to hours as Moby arrived face-up, instead of the usual face-down.  They credit their nurse Zoe Hawkins, RN, with keeping them calm and focused.  Says Micah, “Zoe was 200 percent positive the whole time and telling Rachael how great she was doing.  She was like a professional coach and gave us a lot of support throughout the delivery.”

Today Mobi is busy keeping up with his adventurous parents.  He was “cross-country skiing” at five days old, “surfing” in Puerto Rico at two months, sledding down Mt. Prospect at three months, and has been canoeing and biking around central New Hampshire.  In February the family will return to Rachael’s native Australia to visit her family and continue their adventures.

But when it comes to where to have a baby, they both agree, “Don’t even consider going anywhere else.  Speare was amazing.  They really wanted to deliver the type of experience we wanted and focus on what was most important to us.”

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