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Posted on April 19th, 2018 by Speare Memorial Hospital

Speare celebrates the positive impact of volunteer service

volunteer luncheon 2018 (7) tileNational Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate, thank and recognize the extraordinary volunteers that share their time, talents and voices to make a meaningful difference in our community. This year we celebrated Speare Memorial Hospital’s many volunteers who support patients and staff every day with a Volunteer Appreciation luncheon on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, at the Common Man Inn & Spa in Plymouth, NH.

volunteer luncheon 2018 (41)Hospital CEO, Michelle McEwen thanked the volunteers for the role that each one plays in helping Speare Memorial Hospital provide excellent healthcare for our community every day. Student and Volunteer Services Coordinator, Chris Fenn highlighted some of the more recent volunteer efforts, sharing that in the first nine months of the Flower Program, over 400 flowers have been given to patients by volunteers. She also shared that the gift shop will be opening on May 9th. This is a new effort of the Volunteer Department and will rely completely on volunteer staffing.

Volunteers have dedicated many hours this past year as part of the Speare team. Being a patient and family-centered facility, the aim of Speare is to reach out to not only the patient but to those who are here to support that patient. Volunteers are eager to share their talents, time and compassion to help reach this goal.

During our appreciation event, the following volunteers were recognized for their hours of service:

100 Hours

volunteer luncheon 2018 Jeff Smith-M&S Elaine Shaunessy-Lobby Reception Desk Vinny Dimartino-front desk
Jeff Smith-M&S, Elaine Shaunessy-Lobby Reception Desk, Vinny Dimartino-front desk

500 Hours


volunteer luncheon 2018 - Judy Siegel- Lobby Reception Desk, Deb Kaplan-Accounting
Judy Siegel- Lobby Reception Desk, Deb Kaplan-Accounting

1500 Hours

volunteer luncheon 2018 - Lee Fortier- Lobby Reception Desk
Lee Fortier- Lobby Reception Desk

3000 Hours

volunteer luncheon 2018 - Irene Deutsch- Health Information Services, Carol Mabin- Lobby Reception Desk/gardens
Irene Deutsch- Health Information Services, Carol Mabin- Lobby Reception Desk/gardens


CURRENT VOLUNTEERS Joan Bergstrom, Ann Blair, Irene Blake, Ann Burghardt, Pat Corbin, Marcia Covell, Irene Deutsch, Vinny Dimartino, Richard Flanagan, Lee Fortier, John Gray, Dee Hopper, Joyce Jardin, Barbara Jenkinson, Deb Kaplan, Glory Kidger, Sally Kilfoyle, Nancy Kolb, Carol Mabin, Annie Martin, Carolyn Piantedosi, Judy Raybeck, Nancy Sawyer, Elaine Shaunessy, Judy Siegel, Jeff Smith, Stephanie Sywenkyj, Bill Taffe, Ann Thibodeau, Larry Tingley, Ryan Toomey, Kim and “Seven” Turgeon, Ed Weber

CLERGY Deacon Mike Guy, Rev. Leo LeBlanc, Rev. Eileen Torrey

FAMILY ADVISORY COUNCIL Dee Hopper, Sandra Lehner, Carol Mabin, Carolyn Piantedosi, Dolly Riess, Darlene Toomey

Become a Speare Volunteer

Click Here to Download the Application to Volunteer

Every layer within a hospital contributes to its success and we invite you to become part of our team. Use your time, passion and willingness to help make a difference at a hospital/organization that supports its community. You don’t need any special skills to talk to a patient or assist a department.

You can volunteer as much or as little as your schedule allows. We’ll find a volunteer position that fits your interests and your schedule. For more information contact Christine Fenn, Student and Volunteer Services Coordinator (603) 238-6460 or email  cfenn@spearehospital.com

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