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Speare Memorial Hospital offers free healthcare services to patients at Plymouth OB/GYN

PLYMOUTH, NH – October 2022 – Plymouth OB/GYN, a department of Speare Memorial Hospital, offers its eligible patients ...
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The Speare Memorial Hospital Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center, a member of the Healogics network, is supporting the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Diabetes Alert Day on March 22nd.

Diabetes Alert Day represents an important reminder for all people to assess their possible risk for Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin. This results in unhealthy blood sugar levels leading to a variety of medical complications. Risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes include heredity, age, diet, inactivity, sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

An estimated 30.3 million people in the U.S. have diabetes. Of those 30.3 million, nearly 24 percent are undiagnosed. Diabetes Alert Day helps shed light on a national epidemic.

The Speare Memorial Hospital Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center recommends that everyone take the Diabetes Risk Test which was developed by the American Diabetes Association. This test evaluates common risk factors and creates an unofficial score to help you determine your level of risk for Type 2 Diabetes. To take the Diabetes Risk Test, visit

For more information about Type 2 Diabetes risk factors and co-morbidities, contact the Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center located at Speare Memorial Hospital, 16 Hospital Road, Plymouth NH or call (603) 536-1120.

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