Per Diem Option Commitment - Licensed Nursing Assistant

If you are an LNA interested in working per diem, Speare Memorial is offering an option for you to earn a differential equal to 15% or 30% of your base pay, along with any shift differentials.  Requires some night and weekend shifts and 1 or 2 holidays per year.

Per Diem Option Commitment - Registered Nurses

Recognizing that Per Diem employees have varying levels of commitment we offer three Plans to choose from. As requirements for non- traditional work hours increases with each option, the rewards increase.

Option A
Basic level of commitment with a requirement of
12 hours per 4-week schedule

Option B
36 hours in a 4-week time schedule:
• 12 hours must be weekend or night shift.
• Must work one holiday per the calendar year.

Option C 
72 hours in 4-week time schedule:
• 24 hours of this is weekend or night shift.
• Must work one summer and one winter holiday.

Option D with Option B or C Time Commitment
Option B or Option C
• Works consistently on 2 or more units.
• Maintains competency in all areas worked.

• Option A. Regular base rates
• Option B. 15% add-on to base rate per hour
• Option C. 30% add-on to base rate per hour
• Option D. Option B or C add-on plus 20% or 35% added per hour.
• Shift and Holiday differentials apply to all Options as per policy.

Option D
• With Option B - 20% add-on to base rate per hour
• With Option C - 35% add-on to base rate per hour

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