Support the Speare Community Dental Health Program and You Could Win a Florida Stay!

When you purchase a raffle ticket, you are providing fluoride treatments for seven children through Speare’s Dental Health Program.

florida raffle poster

Raffle tickets are $10 each and the winner will be drawn on July 31, 2018. Tickets are available for purchase at the hospital’s front desk or by contacting Development Director, Cheryl Callnan  at 603-238-2211 or

The Villages is an over 55 community offering activities for all ages. This 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 6 and is conveniently located for day trips to Orlando and/or Tampa.

The Winner can choose their week between October 19 and November 30, 2018.


• 12 Championship Golf Courses
• 32 Executive Golf Courses
• Community Pools
• 3 Movie Theaters
• 3 Town Squares
• Nightly Entertainment
• Restaurants and Shopping

Speare Trains Future Dental Hygienists for Under-Served Areas

local area children with Dental Hygienist, Ruth Doane of Speare Community Dental Health program use this
Local area children with Dental Hygienist, Ruth Doane of Speare Community Dental Health program.
It can be tough to find dental care in rural areas throughout our country. Because there are still places in New Hampshire where people don’t have access to dental care, Speare has been training dental hygiene students to work in these settings when they graduate.
“This is a real asset to our state,” says Ruth Doane, certified public health dental hygienist at Speare. “It has been my privilege to provide dental care to students in our rural schools and to train those who will meet these needs in the future.”
Led by Ruth, students from the highly respected dental hygiene program at New Hampshire Technical Institute spend a semester gaining exposure to public health dental services at the schools and medical offices Ruth visits. This includes the eight schools within the Pemi-Baker Regional School District (SAU 48).
Ruth teaches the students how to do cleanings and fluoride treatments. She demonstrates how to place sealants—a bit of resin material placed in the molars to prevent cavities—and how to make temporary fillings. Students also learn how to use silver diamine fluoride (SDF) on cavities located in molars and premolars to stop the progress of a cavity.
“The increased scope of services in the program is outstanding,” says Ellen Young, RN, school nurse at Ashland Elementary School. “Many parents are electing for their children to have sealants and fillings for areas of decay here at school, most likely resulting in more expedient care.”
While the hygiene students meet the requirements of their degree by gaining experience in educational and public health settings, they are learning first-hand the importance of proving dental services in rural schools.
“I was one of the original school nurses involved in getting Speare’s dental program started,” says Elizabeth Mills, RN, school nurse at Thornton Central School. “Many students had never been to a dentist and had issues with decay. This caused missed school time with trips to the ER for dental infections.”
Providing dental services and training at schools and places like the Plymouth and Bristol WIC clinics (Women, Infant, Children) has helped to educate a new generation of dental hygienists while lowering the incidences of cavities in children — and Speare couldn’t be more pleased with these results.

Paul Musco, MD, Among Top Docs in NH!

Dr. Musco - White Mountain Eye CareAn annual poll conducted by New Hampshire Magazine asks every licensed physician in the state to choose who they would send their friends and loved ones to for medical care. They voted that they would entrust the eyes of their loved ones to Dr. Musco!

Dr. Musco provides general ophthalmologic care including cataract surgery and glaucoma treatment. This includes treatment for keratoconus, Fuch’s dystrophy, shingles keratitis and various types of corneal transplants, surface reconstruction and pterygium excision.

The cornerstone of Dr. Musco’s practice is developing long-term relationships with his patients so he can best understand their needs. This comment from a patient in a recent Press-Ganey survey gives insight into what makes Dr. Musco so special.

“I witnessed a wonderful group of nurses, doctor, etc all working beautifully together as a team. They all were absolutely wonderful to me and so professional. I felt so comfortable and knew I was in good hands. I am so extremely grateful for such a positive experience. So grateful that Dr. Musco took me as a patient even though he knew that it was a challenge. I was legally blind in my right eye because of a cataract. And… now I have 20/20 vision! My heart overflows with gratitude; it brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy to have my sight back. I feel blessed!”

For more information or to make an appointment with Dr. Musco, please call White Mountain Eye Care & Optical at (603) 536-1284.  The office is located on the first floor, just inside the entrance of Speare Memorial at Boulder Point, 103 Boulder Point Drive, off Tenney Mountain Highway in Plymouth.

It’s a 3-Peat for Speare’s Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center Team

Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center at Speare Memorial Center of Excellence Award Hospital
(L-R) Linda Drew, Patricia Norcross, Deanna Brodie, Alison Lovett, Rebecca Sayre, Lori Bruce, Dr. James Koren, and Rebekah Sexton PA-C. (missing from photo: Dr. Hanowell, Sherill Ciampa, APRN and Dr. Bentwood)

For the 3rd consecutive year, the Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center at Speare Memorial Hospital has exceeded quality measures in patient care and has received the Robert A. Warriner III, M.D. Center of Excellence Award from Healogics. Centers are only eligible for the Center of Excellence Award when they have proven clinical excellence by meeting the standards of high-quality care for back to back years. Quality measures including patient satisfaction, healing rate, and healing time are considered as a part of the criteria for receiving this accolade.

Speare’s wound team is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about patient care and helping to improve quality of life by tackling those often challenging and difficult underlying conditions that compromise healing. They follow a path of proven clinical excellence and take pride in working with the patient to seek out ways to address those underlying conditions.
“This is a team that puts the patient first, each and every time, because of their passion for the work that they do.  Each team member is a true patient advocate and I am so proud to be a part of this team”, states Rebecca Sayre, Clinical Program Director for The Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center at Speare hospital.
For more information about Speare’s Wound Care Center visit Wound Care & Hyperbaric Chamber or call (603) 481-8780.

The Miraculous Baby Ben

Baby Ben in seatThe first thing Meghan Ringlein thought when she woke that Tuesday morning was that something was wrong with her baby. Ben was due the next day but didn’t seem to be moving as much as usual.

“I wasn’t sure what it was. I just sensed that something was wrong,” says Meghan.

She already had a scheduled office visit that morning at Plymouth OB/GYN, so she pushed aside her concerns.

Once at her appointment, Dr. Mark Banister determined that Ben had a good fetal heart rate. Meghan felt better. Anticipating that Meghan would go past her due date again, Dr. Banister began to schedule a nonstress test to check on Ben’s health for Friday, three days away. A nonstress test is a common prenatal test used to check on a baby’s health.

At the mention of the test, Meghan again felt uneasy. “I finally told Dr. Banister that I wasn’t sure, but it didn’t seem like Ben was moving and I was worried,” she says.

Dr. Banister immediately called the birthing suite and told them to conduct the test. As Meghan made her way to the suite she doubted herself.

“I realized that since the fetal heart rate was good, and I was already scheduled to return on Friday, I probably didn’t need the test,” she says. “I thought I might be overreacting and not myself in these final days of pregnancy.” 

Despite that Meghan has been an OB nurse at Speare, she didn’t want to be a bother if it wasn’t necessary.

She called her husband Nick to see if he was waiting to bring her home. He wasn’t at the hospital yet.

“Since he was late, I changed my mind again and went for the test,” Meghan says.

The nonstress test would provide information about Ben’s oxygen supply by checking his heart rate and how it responds when he moves. Normally near the end of pregnancy, a baby’s heart beats faster when he moves.

They conducted the test. Ben wasn’t moving. They conducted a second test and realized that Ben was in trouble. Dr. Banister ordered a bedside ultrasound to measure Ben’s breathing and amniotic fluid.

Meghan was shocked by the results. There was no amniotic fluid and there was a reverse flow in the umbilical cord. 

The Miraculous Baby Ben cropped“Before working as an OB nurse at Speare, I worked with high-risk pregnancies at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and had never seen a reverse flow before,” says Meghan.

Dr. Banister said she would need an emergency C-section.

“My OB experience has taught me the importance of having a great OB and Pediatric team at the time of birth,” says Meghan. She and Nick were happy to see Wilma Hyde, APRN, from Plymouth Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine walk in. Wilma has years of experience and had even cared for Nick when he was a child.

Upon birth, Ben was silent. His heart was not beating, and he was not breathing. The team leapt into action. He was given oxygen through a tube under his little nose. Within eleven minutes, he was stable enough to be moved from the OR. Three hours later he was whisked off by helicopter to Dartmouth-Hitchcock for monitoring and stabilization. He was home four days later.

“I had the best team possible,” says Meghan. “Dr. Banister, Dr. Ebner, Wilma, Terry Copsey, nurse anesthetist and the labor and delivery nursing team were all amazing.”

Meghan holds back tears when she remembers how the Speare team moved so effortlessly in her time of crisis.

“They just made me feel so proud,” she says of her teammates. “It was an unexpected OB situation, but everything went so smoothly that it is a happy memory for us.”

They learned that the umbilical cord had extra tight coiling that resulted in a large blood clot forming just inches from Ben.

“If I hadn’t trusted my instinct and voiced my concern, I wouldn’t have had the nonstress test. If I didn’t have that, I would not have had the ultrasound. Without the ultrasound, we wouldn’t have known about the reverse flow and there would have been no C-section. I would have waited until Friday and Ben would have died,” says Meghan. 

“I am just happy that I had the expertise of the team at Speare. Without them, I wouldn’t be holding my little newborn right now.”

Thank you to the Sponsors, Donors and Golfers who supported the 20th Anniversary Speare Golf Classic

The 20th Annual Speare Golf Classic at the Owl’s Nest Resort & Golf Club in Campton, NH, raised over $35,000 for Speare’s School Dental Health Program.  Sponsors and raffle donations for the event help us provide the following dental services to more than 1,600 children in our community each year:

  • Free dental screenings and fluoride varnish applications
  • Dental cleanings and sealants to school-aged children on a sliding fee scale, and to “at risk” pregnant women
  • Case management and financial assistance for those in need

20th Anniversary Golf Classic Sponsors The Dental Health Program was established in 1998 in response to growing concerns of the local school nurses about the unmet dental health needs of area school children. Today, the Program provides free dental screenings, services and education to children enrolled at School Administrative Unit 48, and the Ashland, Lin-Wood and Warren School Districts.

Dental services are also offered to infants and to at-risk pregnant women through monthly clinics at Plymouth Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, Plymouth OB/GYN, and the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program.

More than 20 area dental practices, including 20th Anniversary Sponsor Plymouth General Dentistry, currently partner with the Dental Health Program to provide care to those referred from the program with dental concerns. Support is also provided through the Dental Health Program to families who need financial help, referrals to Medicaid, and assistance with overcoming other dental care barriers.

RehabFit Members of the Month for May: Doris & Dean Roth

May 2018Doris and Dean joined RehabFit in November! They wanted to stay moving during the winter and prepare for outdoor work during the warm months. Doris holds herself and Dean accountable to maintain consistency at RehabFit. Dean just turned 92 and is always ready for new exercises and challenges! 

Why did you decide to join RehabFit?

We began coming to RehabFit in November 2017. Winter is long in NH and we don’t get much exercise, so we thought it would be a good place to keep ourselves in shape for summer when we have a lot of work to do outdoors. It is also good for us to stay fit with cardio, strength and balance. 

What changes have you made in your exercise or health routine since joining RehabFit?

We come to RehabFit three times a week, so that is a more consistent pattern than in the past. It is easier for us to be committed to doing this than it is to exercise at home on our own. Maybe because we know Becky is counting on us to come in! 

What motivates you to keep exercising and coming to RehabFit?

We like RehabFit because of the clean and bright atmosphere. The staff is always ready to help and make sure we are using equipment and doing exercises correctly. We have made progress in our fitness and that is motivating. Sometimes we even add more weight or reps then what we are asked to do! The exercise program and smart key keep pushing us and help us work harder. Our programs also change about every 6 weeks so that we don’t get bored doing the same exercises for months. 

What changes have you seen in your body, health or general well being since starting at RehabFit?

It seems like we must be getting stronger because we can lift heavier weights and do harder exercises compared to when we started. The proof will be in our stamina this spring and summer when we are pruning trees, hoeing corn, mowing lawns and raking leaves. 

What kind of advice would you give to other RehabFit members?

Be consistent and show up! It is so easy to find excuses, but they will never help you. Look to the future and remember that a little effort now will help you live a long and much easier life down the road. Dean just had is 92nd birthday, so he would tell you it is never too late to get moving and come to RehabFit.     

RehabFIT is a state-of-the-art facility featuring Technogym equipment and the Technogym SmartKey wellness system software to track, monitor and analyze performance.

The goal of our Medical Fitness Program is to encourage members to take responsibility for their physical well-being and to provide the knowledge, tools and supports necessary to reinforce healthy choices and behaviors. We offer a comprehensive array of exercise, fitness and wellness services to our members, provided by highly qualified, service-oriented staff.

For more information and/or schedule a tour call (603) 238-2225.

Self-Empowerment and Super Powers at Speare’s 8th Annual Wine, Women & Wisdom

Speare's 8th annual Wine, Women & Wisdom banner

On May 3, 2018, Speare Memorial Hospital held its 8th annual Wine Women & Wisdom at the Common Man in Plymouth for over 200 women from communities around central New Hampshire.

Lisa Baker, PA C Speare Primary Care Speaker at Speare's 8th annual Wine, Women & Wisdom (57)
Lisa Baker, PA-C

The doors opened at 5:00 pm for attendees to enjoy a wine tasting, light dinner buffet, buy chances on raffle prizes, take part in some photobooth fun and shop the vendor room filled with local women-owned businesses. The first speaker, Lisa Baker, PA-C, from  Speare Primary Care, engaged the crowd with her talk “Top 10 Things You Can Do Now To Improve Your Health.”

Rebecca Sayre Mind Over Matter Speaker at Speare's 8th annual Wine, Women & Wisdom (76)
Rebecca Sayre, RN, MBA

The second featured speaker, Rebecca Sayre, RN, MBA, Program Director of the Wound Care Center at Speare, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Inspirational Speaker presented “Tips and Tricks for Increasing Self-Empowerment” and energized the room by having everyone stand and do the Wonder Woman pose.

Jean Briese keynote speaker at Speare's 8th annual Wine, Women & Wisdom (118)Following a brief intermission of more shopping and networking, keynote speaker, Jean Briese, presented “5 Superpowers to be Extraordinary” and gave insight how attendees could unleash their potential to become who they are truly meant to be.

(Scroll down to see photos from the event)

Thank you to the generous sponsors and local women-owned business vendors who helped to make this event possible. (Please click on their names below for more information about their products and services.


Lupus Foundation New England


Minuteman Press

Medical Reimbursement Specialist


Brand & Sawicki, DDS

Biederman’s Deli & Pub

Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative


Comfortable Silence Candles     *     The Circle Program    *   Devenir Esthetics & Massage    *     Donna Von Gunten – Maxfield Real Estate     *     Dressers Unlimited     *     Grace Wellness Center     *     Innisfree Bookshop     *     Kelly Libby – Meditation/Alternative Healing     *      Lularoe Susan Dugas      *     Michelle Dunn – Artist     *     Mill Falls at the Lake      *     Mommies Eating Bonbons, LLC – Man in Training     *      Norwex      *     Mind Over Matter – Weight and Health Management Group       *     Pampered Chef     *      Simply Sunflowers       *      Swiss Herbal Care      *     Vintage Market on Squam

Speare celebrates the positive impact of volunteer service

volunteer luncheon 2018 (7) tileNational Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate, thank and recognize the extraordinary volunteers that share their time, talents and voices to make a meaningful difference in our community. This year we celebrated Speare Memorial Hospital’s many volunteers who support patients and staff every day with a Volunteer Appreciation luncheon on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, at the Common Man Inn & Spa in Plymouth, NH.

volunteer luncheon 2018 (41)Hospital CEO, Michelle McEwen thanked the volunteers for the role that each one plays in helping Speare Memorial Hospital provide excellent healthcare for our community every day. Student and Volunteer Services Coordinator, Chris Fenn highlighted some of the more recent volunteer efforts, sharing that in the first nine months of the Flower Program, over 400 flowers have been given to patients by volunteers. She also shared that the gift shop will be opening on May 9th. This is a new effort of the Volunteer Department and will rely completely on volunteer staffing.

Volunteers have dedicated many hours this past year as part of the Speare team. Being a patient and family-centered facility, the aim of Speare is to reach out to not only the patient but to those who are here to support that patient. Volunteers are eager to share their talents, time and compassion to help reach this goal.

During our appreciation event, the following volunteers were recognized for their hours of service:

100 Hours

volunteer luncheon 2018 Jeff Smith-M&S Elaine Shaunessy-Lobby Reception Desk Vinny Dimartino-front desk
Jeff Smith-M&S, Elaine Shaunessy-Lobby Reception Desk, Vinny Dimartino-front desk

500 Hours


volunteer luncheon 2018 - Judy Siegel- Lobby Reception Desk, Deb Kaplan-Accounting
Judy Siegel- Lobby Reception Desk, Deb Kaplan-Accounting

1500 Hours

volunteer luncheon 2018 - Lee Fortier- Lobby Reception Desk
Lee Fortier- Lobby Reception Desk

3000 Hours

volunteer luncheon 2018 - Irene Deutsch- Health Information Services, Carol Mabin- Lobby Reception Desk/gardens
Irene Deutsch- Health Information Services, Carol Mabin- Lobby Reception Desk/gardens


CURRENT VOLUNTEERS Joan Bergstrom, Ann Blair, Irene Blake, Ann Burghardt, Pat Corbin, Marcia Covell, Irene Deutsch, Vinny Dimartino, Richard Flanagan, Lee Fortier, John Gray, Dee Hopper, Joyce Jardin, Barbara Jenkinson, Deb Kaplan, Glory Kidger, Sally Kilfoyle, Nancy Kolb, Carol Mabin, Annie Martin, Carolyn Piantedosi, Judy Raybeck, Nancy Sawyer, Elaine Shaunessy, Judy Siegel, Jeff Smith, Stephanie Sywenkyj, Bill Taffe, Ann Thibodeau, Larry Tingley, Ryan Toomey, Kim and “Seven” Turgeon, Ed Weber

CLERGY Deacon Mike Guy, Rev. Leo LeBlanc, Rev. Eileen Torrey

FAMILY ADVISORY COUNCIL Dee Hopper, Sandra Lehner, Carol Mabin, Carolyn Piantedosi, Dolly Riess, Darlene Toomey

Become a Speare Volunteer

Click Here to Download the Application to Volunteer

Every layer within a hospital contributes to its success and we invite you to become part of our team. Use your time, passion and willingness to help make a difference at a hospital/organization that supports its community. You don’t need any special skills to talk to a patient or assist a department.

You can volunteer as much or as little as your schedule allows. We’ll find a volunteer position that fits your interests and your schedule. For more information contact Christine Fenn, Student and Volunteer Services Coordinator (603) 238-6460 or email

Tickets Now On Sale for 8th Annual Wine, Women & Wisdom

Three Generations Women Speare Memorial Hospital will hold its eighth annual Wine, Women and Wisdom event on Thursday, May 3rd, from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Common Man Inn and Spa in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Join 200 women and unleash the awesome in you!

This annual women’s health event includes two featured speakers, and a keynote speaker, a light supper buffet, a wine tasting, a vendor room full of local area – female-owned businesses, a raffle and a lot of fun tossed in. This event is by women, for women, and about women.



** For the first time we have reserved seating.**

Tickets are also available at Dresser Unlimited at 77 Main St, Plymouth and at Speare Memorial Hospital front reception area.

The speakers and topics this year are;

speakers and topics

“Top 10 Things You Can Do Now To Improve Your Health”

Lisa Baker, PA-C, from  Speare Primary Care. Lisa has over twenty-five years of family practice experience as a certified physician assistant. Lisa earned her bachelor’s at Colby College in Waterville, ME and received an MHP from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.  Ms. Baker is certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.

“Tips & Tricks for Increasing Self-Empowerment”

 Rebecca Sayre, RN, MBA is a nurse by trade and currently the Program Director of the Wound Care Center at Speare.   Her passion for helping others has led her to learn more about how our brains work and how our thoughts influence our choices which in turn influence everything else we do and everything we realize in our lives. She has successfully completed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner training and is working towards also becoming a certified hypnotist.  Understanding how each person makes decisions is a crucial and pivotal step towards truly affecting both the health and life that we want.

 “5 Superpowers to be Extraordinary”

 Jean Briese – Keynote Speaker, has a passion to help people become who they were meant to be. Jean’s gift is to see the best in others, often when they can’t yet see it in themselves and to help them unleash their potential. Jean is an accomplished business leader, empowering coach, and gifted communicator bringing enormous expertise, insight, and energy to her presentations. Her powerful messages inspire, encourage, and motivate.

Thank you to the generous sponsors who help make this event possible. 


Lupus Foundation New England


Minuteman Press

Medical Reimbursement Specialist


Brand& Sawicki, DDS

Biederman’s Deli & Pub

Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative


  1. Brand & Sawicki, DDS
  2. Cindy Libby – Soy Candles
  3. The Circle Program
  4. Donna von Gunten – Maxfield Real Estate
  5. Dressers Unlimited
  6. Grace Wellness Center
  7. Kelly Libby – Meditation/Alternative Healing
  8. LuLaRoe
  9. Lupus Foundation of New England
  10. SMH Mammography
  11. Mommies Eating Bonbons, LLC – Man in Training
  12. Michelle Dunn – Artist
  13. Norwex
  14. Pampered Chef
  15. Plymouth OB/GYN
  16. Mind Over Matter – Zija
  17. Simply Sunflowers
  18. Vintage Market on Squam