PRHS Operation Teddy Bear brings smiles to Speare

Teddy Bear Donation 2018 from Plymouth Regional High School
(L-R) Zack Ross, Holly Mason, Elsa Lauriat, and Kiki Dodge

2018 marks the third year the Plymouth Regional High School class of 2019 hosted the school’s annual ‘Operation Teddy Bear’ fundraiser. As a community service project, junior class officers sold colorful teddy bear cut-outs for one dollar each during school and special events. Students, teachers, and staff wrote names on the bears and they were all displayed on a bulletin board to recognize everyone’s contributions.

They purchase stuffed bears with the monies raised and donated them to Speare Memorial Hospital to be given to young patients throughout the year. PRHS Junior Class Officers, Zack Ross (president), Holly Mason, (vice president), Elsa Lauriat (secretary), and Kiki Dodge (treasurer) along with their class adviser, Ms. Denise McGlone, delivered the teddy bears to Speare.

Speare Volunteers Share Their Talents, Time and Compassion

by Chris Fenn, Student & Volunteer Services Coordinator

Volunteer Scholarship committee Pictured from L R Chris Fenn, Student and Volunteer Services Coordinator with volunteers Lee Fortier, Pat Corbin, Nancy Kolb, Mary Ann Adams, and Judy Raybeck
L-R: Chris Fenn, Student and Volunteer Services Coordinator with volunteers Lee Fortier, Pat Corbin, Nancy Kolb, Mary Ann Adams, and Judy Raybeck. One of the many things our volunteers do to improve the patient experience is delivering fresh flowers to patient’s rooms.

When a long-time volunteer recently found himself requiring medical services, he was encouraged to hear the ED provider refer to him as “one of our own.” Our volunteers understand what it is like to be part of the team at Speare Memorial Hospital. Though our healthcare providers treat all patients with the same respect, integrity, and care, there is a special relationship among individuals that work side by side with the same mission, vision and values on a day to day basis. Many volunteers utilize the health services of Speare Memorial Hospital and take pride in the team that they are part of and the care that they and their family members receive.

Our volunteers have dedicated many hours this past year as part of a team that aims to provide excellent healthcare for our community. When a volunteer has also been a patient, they have an enhanced sense of caring and understanding toward an individual that walks through the hospital doors. Being a patient and family-centered facility, we aim to reach out to not only the patient, but to those who are here to support that patient. Volunteers are eager to share their talents, time and compassion. A patient recently wrote to thank a volunteer who had been extremely attentive not only in observing the patient’s needs but meeting those needs….that is what Speare volunteers do!

Our regular volunteers have donated over 5000 hours this year in the following hospital departments: Health Information Management, M&S, Reception Desk, Oncology, Prescription Assistance, Pharmacy, Environmental Services, Business Office, Accounting Office, Spiritual Needs, and various offices. In addition, we have had volunteers for special hospital events (Golf Tournament, Shamrock Shuffle, Town-Wide Yard Sale), Family Advisory Council, and the Outreach and Scholarship Committee. Many of our own Speare employees volunteer not only at Speare, but also within the community. It is a great joy to be able to give back to your community by volunteering.

VOLUNTEERS MaryAnn Adams, Joan Bergstrom, Ann Blair, Irene Blake, Ann Burghardt, Ethel Cahoon, Pat Corbin, Irene Deutsch, Virginia Dunn, Richard Flanagan, Lee Fortier, Lilly Friedman, John Gray, Joyce Jardin, Barbara Jenkinson, Deborah Kaplan, Glory Kidger, Nancy Kolb, Carol Mabin, Sathesh Mani, Annie Martin, Carolyn Piantedosi, Joan Poitras, Mariah Price, Judith Raybeck, Alaina Sarvak, Patti Sebilian, Shelly Shamberger, Elaine Shaunessy, Judy Siegel, Jeff Smith, Stephanie Sywenkyj, William Taffe, Ann Thibodeau, Larry Tingley, Ryan Toomey, Kim and “Seven” Turgeon, Bethany Ward, Ed Weber

CLERGY Rev. Dan Bowers Rev. MaryFrancis Drake Deacon Mike Guy Rev. Leo LeBlanc Rev. Eileen Torrey

FAMILY ADVISORY COUNCIL Nate Fuller, Sandra Lehner, Carol Mabin, Carolyn Piantedosi, Darlene Riess, Darlene Toomey

EMPLOYEE VOLUNTEERS FOR EVENTS Marilyn Barbetta, Dina Brodis, Cheryl Callnan, Donna Champagne-Patten, Tom Costigan, Deep Davis, Christine Fenn, Janette Gaumer, Tiffany Hodges, Amy Lyn Kench, Glory Kidger, Ashley Kuplin, Christine Lamontagne, Jennifer Oldenburg, Dak Overbagh, Schannon Sargent Mari,e Stonis Diane Valente, Jerica Vallie, Kathryn VanDeMoer, Karen Young

COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS FOR EVENTS Barbara Johnson, Heidi Johnson, Eleanore Miller, John Piantedosi, Christine St. Laurent, Students from PRHS

Become a Speare Volunteer

Click Here to Download the Application to Volunteer

Every layer within a hospital contributes to its success and we invite you to become part of our team. Use your time, passion and willingness to help make a difference at a hospital/organization that supports its community. You don’t need any special skills to talk to a patient or assist a department. You can volunteer as much or as little as your schedule allows. We’ll find a volunteer position that fits your interests and your schedule.

For more information contact Christine Fenn, Student and Volunteer Services Coordinator (603) 238-6460 or email



Matt & Sheila Howe… From Community Partner to Patients

Matt & Sheila Howe

With his wife in her final month of pregnancy with their first child, the last thing on Matt Howe’s mind that morning was his own mortality.

He started his day like any other, as program director at The Plymouth House, a treatment home for those with addiction to drugs or alcohol. The Plymouth House and Speare have had a long relationship as community partners. Matt was leading a group session when he began to feel pressure in his chest.

At forty, Matt has been a vegetarian for 23 years and is an exercise enthusiast. He pushed the thought away that he was having a cardiac problem. During his second group session of the day, he began sweating profusely. Staff insisted on bringing Matt to Speare.

Nurse supervisor, Katee Foley, was working in the emergency department (ED) that day. She recalls how surprising it was to have someone so young and healthy come to the ED complaining of chest pain.

Matt was given an EKG, which appeared normal. Dr. Danosi, the ED physician who has worked with Matt, checked on him. Matt reported that he was feeling “a little uncomfortable.” As he was having his IV placed and blood drawn, Matt complained to Katee that he didn’t feel well.

“A minute later, I felt worse than I ever have in my entire life,” says Matt. “I couldn’t breathe. It was like 1,000 pounds was crushing my chest.” He then went into cardiac arrest and the medical team at Speare sprang into action.

“We started chest compressions and defibrillated him,” says Katee.

“The defibrillator made me feel like I was sucked back out of a black hole,” remembers Matt. The first thing he told Katee was that his wife Sheila was 9 months pregnant. Katee called her.

“Nearing the end of my pregnancy, I really appreciated how sensitive the nurses, paramedics, staff, and doctor were with me,” says Sheila. “They kept asking what they could do for me.”

matt at cardiac rehab

Once stabilized, Matt was taken by helicopter to Catholic Medical Center, a partner of Speare. He returned home five days later

Matt and Sheila rushed back to the hospital again on September 26th to deliver their daughter, Nina Simone Howe. Once again, Katee Foley was there.

“I was thrilled to be working when Sheila was in labor, with Matt looking so well,” says Katee. “To celebrate the birth of their child was quite an honor. It is not just the birth of a child but also the birth of a family.”

Sheila is quick to add that Dr. Ebner and the birthing suite staff are exceptional.

Matt now participates in Speare’s Cardiac Rehab program where he can get back to his active lifestyle in a safe environment.

“This entire experience demonstrates community care at its best,” says Katee. “To be able to see the happily ever after is what makes Speare such a great place to work.”

Speare’s Wound Center Named One of Nation’s Best

(From L R) Alison Lovett RN, Dr. James Hanowell, Deanna Brodie LPN, Rebecca Sayre Clinical Program Director, Linda Drew, Dr. John Bentwood, Rebekah Sexton PA C, and Dr. Jim Koren Medical Director
(From L – R) Alison Lovett RN, Dr. James Hanowell, Deanna Brodie LPN, Rebecca Sayre Clinical Program Director, Linda Drew, Dr. John Bentwood, Rebekah Sexton PA C, and Dr. Jim Koren Medical Director

The Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center at Speare has earned the prestigious Robert A. Warriner III, MD, Center of Excellence award. Centers earning this award must achieve outstanding clinical results for 24 consecutive months, including patient satisfaction rates higher than 92% and a healing rate of at least 91% in less than 31 median days.

Speare’s wound center specializes in treating chronic wounds that do not heal from traditional treatment. The center is staffed by a team of professionals highly trained in advanced wound care, specialized wound dressings, new product technologies, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

With advanced treatments available at Speare, people in Central New Hampshire no longer have to suffer from wounds that do not heal.

Speare’s Wound Center was awarded this prestigious honor by Healogics, the nation’s largest provider of advanced wound care services.

For more information about Speare’s Wound Care Center visit our Wound Care & Hyperbaric Chamber page or call (603) 481-8780.

Pat Nestor… From employee to patient

“Going from employee to patient made me realize how critical Speare is to our community,” says Pat.

pat and linda Nestor
“Linda is the angel of this story,” stresses Pat. “She is really special. She was the one who kept it together and did all the heavy lifting. I had the easy part when you come down to it. I was so sick that I had no fight … there was nothing left. She had the tough part; seeing me, seeing the faces of the staff, knowing how sick I really was, and figuring out how to deal with it all.”

It was a wild three months. Life changing. It all began last November 7th, when Pat Nestor went to bed coughing, wheezing, and feeling nauseated.

Pat and his wife of 36 years, Linda, both work at Speare Memorial Hospital. He is an interface analyst in the IT department and she is the director of radiology. Linda was heading out the door for work early the next morning when her son came down the stairs with Pat in his arms. They rushed to Speare.

Pat was promptly admitted to the hospital. It was determined he had pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome; a severe lung condition with a 30-50% fatality rate. Pat knew these numbers. But you can’t keep a twenty-year air force veteran down.

“I was beat and running on no lungs,” says Pat. “They put me on a ventilator and antibiotics, but when I didn’t respond after a few days they sent me to Concord Hospital. It’s wonderful that we have these partnerships with other medical centers.”

Speare partners with Concord Hospital so that patients like Pat, requiring a Level I Trauma Center can be transferred swiftly and safely.

Once stabilized, Pat returned to Speare barely able to stand with a walker, for what he calls “the hard work”. This included inpatient rehab focusing on regaining physical and cognitive function. Pat thought he could handle anything and bounce back. But this was the biggest fight of his life.

“It was critical to have Speare’s team re-orient me and talk me through the ugly times in order for me to think like a normal human being again,” says Pat. “I would never have bounced back as quickly if it weren’t for the phenomenal knowledge of the people here.”

Pat returned home on December 23rd and remarkably, was back at work on January 13th.

“I know that my job is important, but I now realize that the most important thing we can do at Speare is to continue providing our talented medical team with whatever tools they need to help patients,” says Pat. “It’s all about the patients and the people who directly interact with them.

“I’ve found a little way to say thanks to some of the people who saved me.”

When Pat is in the hospital cafeteria and sees one of the extraordinary people who brought him back to life, he insists on buying them lunch.

“You don’t have to do that,” they say.

“I know I don’t…but I do,” says Pat with a smile.

The latest in CT imaging technology is at Speare

ct scanner

With the help of our generous donors, Speare now offers the latest in CT imaging technology with the Philips Ingenuity CT scanner. This system offers many features and functions that allow for continued improvement and enhancement of scanning capability, image quality, and dose reduction for patients.

This system offers many new features and functions including:

  •  Faster scans
  • Lower dose of radiation
  • Higher quality images
  • Stroke assessments
  • More vascular exam options
  • Advanced CT angiography
  • Up to 650 lb weight limit
  • Exams for those with large metal implants

There are many improvements with the new Ingenuity scanner. Additional dose reduction techniques have been implemented. This allows for a custom tailored dose profile for each patient in regards to image quality and patient safety. The overall scan times are reduced allowing for peak optimal bolus enhancement in regards to Computerized Tomographic Angiography (CTA) work for which timing needs to be perfect. This improves the quality of CTA exams and reduces non-diagnostic scans, repeat exams, and the need to transfer patients to other facilities for additional imaging.

The table weight limit has been increased, which allows for additional care of a patient population not previously able to receive imaging at our facility. This has been utilized on multiple occasions, and we are able to provide a quality study, at a low dose for our bariatric patients.

CTA COW exams used to confirm the presence of small aneurysms associated with the Circle of Willis, and Carotid exams have improved immensely, allowing physicians to have more confidence in their diagnoses due to the improved imaging. Also, the new CT scanner allows Radiologists to better visualize small incremental changes, which improves visualization which is key in finding subtle changes.

Additional exams have also been added cush as the CTA Abdomen and Iliofemoral run-off exams so patients no longer have to travel elsewhere to have these advanced imaging scans. The enhancements and improvements to the Ingenuity platform allow for Speare’s patient population to receive the highest quality imaging while staying in our community.

(L R Front Row) Linda Nestor, RT (R), (M), (CT), CRA, MBA, Juanita Wade, RT (R), (CT), Joann Maser, RDMS, RT (R), Adam Klebes, RT (R), (CT), Emily Sandy, RT (R), Tiffany Poitras, RT (R), (CT), Mary Sampson, RT (R), (M), (
Speare Memorial Hospital Radiology Team (L R Front Row) Linda Nestor, RT (R), (M), (CT), CRA, MBA, Juanita Wade, RT (R), (CT), Joann Maser, RDMS, RT (R), Adam Klebes, RT (R), (CT), Emily Sandy, RT (R), Tiffany Poitras, RT (R), (CT), Mary Sampson, RT (R), (M), (

The Speare radiology department has been recognized twice this year for exceptional dedication and service in training students to become competent radiographers. Speare radiology is a clinical site for New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI)-Concord’s Community College

A letter from NHTI reads, “Your team of sonographers possess not only a high level of knowledge and technical expertise but the ability to teach students how to work effectively, with confidence, compassion and respect. Even during their busiest days, they welcome the challenge of being clinical educators to our students. Students succeed as a direct result of the dedication of your team of sonographers. Our clinical education program could not succeed without your continued support, and we value your contributions.”

RehabFit December Member of the Month

Dec 2017 rehabfit member of the month Carole HeuserDECEMBER MEMBER OF THE MONTH: Carole Heuser 

Carole has been a member of RehabFit since April 2010! She has been working hard in the 8 am Strength & Balance Class for almost a year now. Carole’s hard work, positive attitude and great sense of humor are contagious! She is a great role model for RehabFit members!

Why did you decide to join RehabFit?

I toured the facility when it opened, and I was impressed with the equipment, the hours, and especially the staff.  After I retired, I wanted to be in good physical shape.

What changes have you seen in your body or made in your lifestyle since you have joined?

A year ago, I joined the Strength and Balance Class and have seen a big change in my balance abilities.  I am also much stronger due to the core exercises. Furthermore, I have been able to maintain my weight. I exercise regularly rather than occasionally.  I try to take advantage of the monthly challenges.  I also appreciate the suggested recipes and health hints.  There is always new information posted in the gym.

What motivates you to keep coming to RehabFit?

I want to be able to maintain my current physical status and to stay healthy.

Have you had any setbacks that affected your health and fitness progress while attending RehabFit? What were the setbacks and how did you proceed?

I travel a lot in the winter, and while I walk frequently when I’m away, I am not a member of a fitness center.  When I return, I have to build back up to my previous status.  In addition, I fell on my right wrist last April.  After Physical Therapy, I had to get back to my previous routine slowly.  The physical therapist recommended exercises that could be incorporated into my exercise routine here at RehabFit.

What kind of advice would you give to other RehabFit members?

Try to get into a routine by coming to the gym at the same time.  If the program becomes easy, ask the staff to adjust the program.  Consider a class such as the Strength and Balance Class.  Becky and Marisa are excellent instructors and they address ability levels of all class members such as suggesting alternative exercises for those having a knee, back or shoulder injury. 

RehabFit-LogoThe Medical Fitness Program at RehabFIT is a state-of-the-art facility featuring Technogym equipment and the Technogym SmartKey wellness system software to track, monitor and analyze performance.

The goal of our Medical Fitness Program is to encourage members to take responsibility for their physical well-being and to provide the knowledge, tools and supports necessary to reinforce healthy choices and behaviors. We offer a comprehensive array of exercise, fitness and wellness services to our members, provided by highly qualified, service-oriented staff.

For more information and/or schedule a tour call (603) 238-2225.

The 6th annual It’s A Guy Thing! was a fun and informative night

it's a guy thing at speare memorial hospital plymouth nhOn Thursday, December 7, 2017 Speare held its 6th annual It’s A Guy Thing! men’s only health event. This evening is about sharing knowledge and experience in a casual and fun atmosphere.

The evening included a buffet from Biederman’s Deli and Pub, a beer tasting from Squam Brewing, raffle prizes from Plymouth Ski & Sports, Loon Mountain Resort, and Richelson’s Feet First.

Dr. Watto of Speare Primary Care was our MC for the evening, Dr. Casey from Plymouth General Surgery spoke about heartburn and acid reflux, and Dr. Weiss of Plymouth Orthopedics and Sports Medicine spoke about ski injury prevention.

Photos from It’s a Guy Thing!


It’s A Guy Thing! Feel The Burn?

it's a guy thing at speare memorial hospital plymouth nh

Speare Memorial Hospital presents the 6th annual It’s A Guy Thing! This men’s only health event is about breaking down barriers and sharing knowledge and experience in a casual atmosphere. The evening will include a buffet from Biederman’s Deli, a beer tasting from Squam Brewery, two speakers, and raffles.

It’s a Guy Thing! will be held at Speare Memorial Medical Office Building in Plymouth on Thursday, December 7th.



5 – 6 p.m. Welcome: Buffet and Beer Tasting


dr casey plymouth general surgeryThe first presentation will be by Dr. Casey of Plymouth General Surgery. Dr. Casey provides a wide range of services in general surgery, including surgery for hernias, gallbladder disease, colorectal and breast cancer, and inflammatory diseases of the stomach, intestines and colon. He has a special interest in the surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, and minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery. Board certified by the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Casey is a graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine and completed his surgical residency training at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston.


dr weiss plymouth ortho team pageThe second presentation will be by Dr. Weiss of Plymouth Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic. Dr. Weiss earned his bachelor’s degree at Dartmouth College, he was captain of the Big Green hockey team. After graduation, he played professional hockey in the US and Europe and was selected to participate in the training camp for the 1992 Olympics. Following his athletic career, Dr. Weiss returned to central New Hampshire to earn his medical degree from Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Weiss is a team physician for USA Hockey and is eager to help local athletes stay active.

There will be time for Q&A following each presentation.


At the end of the evening, we’ll pull the names of the winners for our raffle prizes


$15 – Space is limited and advanced purchase is recommended

Tickets are available for purchase at the Speare Memorial Hospital registration desk and online at


Speare Schedules Annual Public Flu Shot Clinics

Flu Clinic Nurses
Flu Clinic Nurses (L-R) Alyson Yopp, RN, Susan Scheinman, RN, Jacqulyn Jewell, RN and Janice Elgin, RN.

Fall has arrived and so too has the focus on helping to prevent flu-related illness. Speare Memorial Hospital offers the flu vaccine to persons 18 years and older, and are available at several public flu shot clinics scheduled at the Hospital and in the surrounding communities.

Vaccines are administered by a Registered Nurse and most insurances are accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid. You will be asked to present your insurance card prior to receiving the vaccine.

For those without insurance, the cost is $32 Quadrivalent & $64.00 High Dose (65 yrs & above) and payable by cash or check.


Dates, Locations & Times


October 12, 2017 (Thursday): @ Holderness Town Hall 11am – 1pm

October 12, 2017 (Thursday): @ Speare: Main Lobby 2pm -7pm

October 18, 2017 (Wednesday): @ Speare: Main Lobby 7am–5pm

 October 19, 2017 (Thursday): @Waterville Valley Town Offices 130pm-3pm

 October 25, 2017 (Wednesday): @Plymouth Senior Center 830am-12pm

 October 25, 2017 (Wednesday): @ Speare: Main Lobby 1pm–5pm

 October 27, 2017 (Friday): @Speare: Main Lobby 7am-5pm

 November 3, 2017 (Friday): @ Speare: Main Lobby 7am-5pm

 November 8, 2017 (Wednesday): @Plymouth Senior Center 10am–12pm

 November 8, 2017 (Wednesday): @Speare: Main Lobby 7am-6pm

 November 29, 2017 (Wednesday): @Speare Main Lobby 7am-5pm


Speare Memorial Hospital Main Lobby

Waterville Valley Town Hall

Holderness Town Hall

Plymouth Senior Center


For more information please call Speare’s Occupational and Employee Health Department at (603) 238-2348.